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My name is Sketchy Tank or ST. I’m an illustrator, designer, beer drinker, pot smoker, father, husband and @swampwizard. My art is definitely not for everyone, and that’s probably the point. Sketchy Tank started as a folder on my computer called "the sketchy tank" where I stored disturbing images I found on the internet through various questionable blogs. These images were not disturbing like photos of outrageous porn or death and dismemberment but more like hideous tattoos, super trashy people doing trashy things, mixed with skateboarding, surfing and low brow art and design. The folder got to be over 1GB in size and I thought it would be rad to create a website to show the world this “sketchy tank” folder.

Sketchy Tank is not a normal brand, it’s actually not even a brand. I am an artist under the name Sketchy Tank. The art speaks for itself and is intended to create an emotion with like minded people. ST is NOT action sports or streetwear inspired, it's for the beer drinkers, pot smokers, tattoo enthusiasts and fun havers! It's for people who don't take things seriously and aren't trying to be cool. My goal is to disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed one graphic at a time.